• Desktop Microphone Mic 3.5mm Jack

This short range microphone has a simple, compact design and contains a low interference microphone element. 

It is fully compatible with all modern PC sound cards (and on-board soundcards) and suitable for many multimedia uses, such as voice modems, internet chatting and voice recording.

• Mic. Unit: 6 x 5mm Dia.Electret condenser
• Mic. Directivity: Omni Direction
• Mic. Sensitivity: -58dB±2dB
• Mic. Impedance: Low
• Frequency Response: 30Hz to 16,000Hz
• Cable: Approx.1.2m±0.3m (rubber cable)
• Plug Type: 3.5mm stereo plug x 1

Desktop Microphone Mic 3.5mm Jack

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